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Peplink is one of the world’s leading vendors of enterprise and wireless software-defined routers. Peplink routers are built for accessibility and extreme resiliency in mind, offering unique value propositions for all use cases, from cost savings in day to day office networking to enabling mission critical connectivity in rugged environments in transportation, first responders, maritime, drones and utilities.

Peplink devices are supported by a widening portfolio of cloud management features, including network management from a single pane-of-glass to over 200+ cloud nodes globally that ensure your connection never skips a beat

Our Vision

Peplink is committed to provide unbreakable connectivity anywhere, while simplifying enterprise network into something every non-IT business person can use and scale.

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Peplink Customer Stories


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CASE STUDY: Vaccination Centres in UK Meet Peplink’s Connectivity Power

As part of the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program, the National Health Service established over 1600…

Dakar Rally 2020

The Dakar Rally is a gruelling competition in motorsports that requires participants to travel thousands…