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Introducing Peplink Broadcasting

Using LTE to do live broadcasts has been gaining momentum across the mobile ecosystem. Broadcasting live videos at above-HD quality requires robust connectivity which is often beyond what a single LTE connection is capable of. Peplink’s SpeedFusion and WAN Smoothing features make broadcasting always work.

What are your Challenges in in Broadcasting Connectivity?

Your customers are looking for high performance/low-cost alternatives to traditional networking technologies. Give them what they want and drive your business to new heights with Peplink.

Peplink’s fast and affordable WAN bonding and Internet load balancing solutions are perfect for supplementing or replacing costly MPLS deployments and pay for themselves in just 2-4 months, on average.

Ensuring Great Live Broadcasts Performance

Though broadcasting via the internet offers more mobility and lower cost compared to satellite broadcast, mobile networks are inherently unstable. Network speed fluctuates wildly according to utilization, which leads to undesirable stuttering. A single LTE connection is therefore hardly enough to ensure smooth broadcasting.

Cost Management

Doing live broadcasts outdoors with satellite or specially ordered fixed line internet often incurs substantial cost. The communication equipment can take weeks to set up and require specialized teams to look after.

Featured products


  • Multi-WAN inputs
  • Advanced VPN protection
  • SpeedFusion technology


  • Wireless SD-WAN router with up to 4 bonded LTE connections ensures high performance and 100% uptime in remote branches
  • Access corporate network resources with SpeedFusion VPN in minutes, rather than weeks with wired line

MAX Transit Duo

  • Lightweight wireless SD-WAN router with 2 LTE slots for unbreakable connectivity to HQ resources
  • Great for pop-up site or “office in a box” type setup
  • Affordable, easily scalable and manage

SpeedFusion Cloud

Keep Your Connection Flowing

VPN endpoint hosted on the cloud to allow for rapid distribution of footage.

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