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What Occurs When Your Primary Network Fails?

By 16/10/2015May 17th, 2022No Comments

Real time and continuous M2M connectivity is becoming increasingly important in our constantly connected world where there is the expectation that information should be accessible at any time, from anywhere and cannot be lost or even delayed.   Where critical communications and visibility of assets are essential, areas lacking mobile connectivity are severely disadvantaged. Across sparely populated areas, hostile terrain and vast oceans, the satellite network can be used to fill the gaps between different cellular networks to achieve what can be classified as “real global roaming”.
Dual-mode satellite M2M communication terminals offer failover to satellite to deliver global roaming and connectivity to vessels, vehicles and assets transitioning in and out of cellular range. However, the complicated issue of least cost routing requires crucial consideration to maximise the benefits of global roaming without incurring major satellite communication costs. When employing failover to satellite and avoiding excessive billing, the prioritisation and traffic control of information is vital to ensure that only critical data is sent over satellite with a reliable reversion to cellular when it becomes available again.
Read the full article for more information about M2M Connectivity’s solutions for least cost routing for satellite communications:
What happens when your primary network fails?” by Roland Hamouche,  published in SatMagazine by SatNews, September 2015 edition
Roland Hamouche is a Sales Engineer at M2M Connectivity who specializes in satellite technology and products. He provides developers and customers with technical support and application development.

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