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PeplinkM2M IoT Case Studies

Stable SpeedFusion Technology for Sensitive Data Transmission

By 06/05/2022June 20th, 2022No Comments

Case Study



Website Industry

Security and Surveillance

Implemented Products

A multi-branch fitness company in Asia relied on a single connection that proved unreliable with connection dropouts. They turned to Peplink for a solution and are looking for uninterrupted connectivity.

The company wants a reliable 100/40M ethernet line with LTE backup and the ability to failover from ethernet to the LTE line whenever a disruption occurs. They also want VPN technology to transmit sensitive data, such as point of sales or customer data, to the headquarters.

Peplink deployed Balance 30 Pros to each branch, which is perfect for the fitness company and other mid-sized businesses. As bandwidth usage wasn’t too high, the default Hot Failover and PepVPN compatibility made this device super versatile for the company’s usage applications. A Balance 710 was then used at the headquarters to support the connection of up to 300 PepVPN users. To simplify remote management of the Peplink endpoint devices, InControl was introduced with Bulk Configurator to push updates to the endpoints simultaneously.

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