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PeplinkM2M IoT Case Studies

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding (ADSL + LTE) in the Logistics

By 06/05/2022June 20th, 2022No Comments

Case Study



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Industrial IoT & M2M

A Middle-Eastern company is one of the core players in the shipping and logistics industry, serving customers in their local geographic location and worldwide. With approximately 800 branches, including 25 transfer centers, this logistics company wants to create a centralized network management system.

The logistics company needs a central network management system to configure and manage all their branch networks. It also needs to be capable of Bandwidth Bonding for ADSL and LTE connections to provide an undisrupted experience. As a recognized business, they also sought a reliable backup on the cloud to secure confidential data while working with an existing firewall setup.

Turning to Peplink for a solution, they deployed a Balance 20X with PrimeCare to each transfer center. With its built-in FlexModule Mini, the Balance 20X allows the company to upgrade to a second LTE connection at any time. These routers were then linked to the FusionHub 1,000 to create a virtual endpoint that combines all available bandwidth while maintaining a secure and unbreakable VPN. Additionally, the company can centrally manage this setup with InControl, which works perfectly with existing firewalls and switch infrastructures.

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