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Case Study


Sierra Wireless



Customer Success Story: SmartCap combined M2M Connectivity’s hardware services and expertise with Sierra Wireless AirLink 4G/LTE gateway technology to improve mining safety.


With mines often running 24 hours a day, one of the biggest risk factors to staff health and safety is fatigue. SmartCap Technologies rose to the challenge of taking the traditional EEG (electroencephalogram) fatigue monitoring technique, and making it portable, so that it could be administered on-site, rather than at a medical facility.

Mine site supervisors were particularly concerned about improving safety through increased alertness during the transit of goods from mines to ports and railways. This led to a search for a 3G/4G communications device that could be used on public cellular networks.


SmartCap utilised Australia-wide distributor M2M Connectivity’s Hardware Services to procure the Sierra Wireless 4G LTE gateway. They quickly received hardware samples, along with the expert advice they needed for a successful evaluation. Product reliability and ease of use were paramount for the mission.

The end solution is contained in a “ball cap,” which is worn by heavy machine operators during their shift. This means drivers can now locally view their own fatigue level information/alerts in a SmartCap display in the cab. The display is connected to an AirLink gateway, so it can also send the data to SmartCap Technologies’ web application, where it can be monitored in the mine control room, increasing health and safety across the site.


SmartCap Background

Founded in 2008, SmartCap was formed to develop solutions to address limitations in fatigue monitoring technologies.

It was founded as a result of collaboration betweenCRC Mining, (Cooperative Research Centre, established by the Australian government,) 4 universities and 13 industry partners.

Today SmartCap is used by some of the world’s biggest companies, and has expanded beyond mining safety into other industries.


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