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Skywave Orbcomm IsatData Pro IDP-690

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The SkyWave IDP-690 IsatData Pro modem is a vessel tracking device engineered for maritime and low elevation-angle applications. It is designed to work on Inmarsat’s global satellite constellation, providing for 2-way text and data communications with your assets for marine monitoring and tracking applications.
Applications include transferring electronic documents and boat telemetry information, text-messaging staff on ships, and maintaining up-to-date logs.
The IsatData Pro service is designed for mission- critical applications. All messages are delivered within seconds, making IsatData Pro ideal for sending information to people operating in high-risk areas, reporting alarm conditions and retrieving logs from remote equipment during an emergency.
Inmarsat IsatData Pro network allows download of near real-time messages of up to 10,000 bytes to any device, and upload up to 6,400 bytes from the device. This increase in data packet size and transmission speed meets customer demands for higher data capacity and reduced latency in machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
There is also an off-the-shelf front-end application available with the ISAT IDP-690 to allow you to track and monitor assets (such as ships) if you don’t currently have a solution implemented.

Key Features

  • Designed for marine applications
  • Integrated GPS for location based services
  • Environmentally sealed enclosure suitable for marine use
  • Low-power modes for battery-powered applications
  • Peripheral interfaces for connecting to analog, digital and serial devices
  • Serial interfaces for connectivity to RS485 | J1708 and Modbus interfaces
  • Programming capability and user tools for quick customisation to meet business needs
  • Full front-end tracking monitoring application available to support IDP-690


Product Order Number:

SK IDP-690

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