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Sierra Wireless® AirPrime® Modules Enable Real-Time Patient Monitoring Solution for RS TechMedic B.V.

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Case Study



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Connected Healthcare

RS TechMedic B.V. is a medical technology provider based in the Netherlands. The company aims to reduce complications and injuries sustained by patients suffering chronic medical conditions. RS TechMedic develops innovative and high-quality medical technology focused on telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and remote medical diagnostics.

Business Challenge

RS TechMedic’s flagship product is its Dyna-Vision™ patient monitoring system. Used in a range of healthcare scenarios, the Dyna-Vision™ allows physicians to remotely monitor the vital signs of patients, regardless of whether they are in hospital or at home. The device collects a range of information including ECG, heart rate, rr-interval, respiratory rate, temperature, and SpO2 (the patient’s oxygen saturation level) through sensors on the patient’s body.

In order for physicians to remotely check on their patients’ health, and react quickly in the case of an emergency, RS TechMedic required a way to wirelessly transmit this information over cellular networks.

Sierra Wireless IoT Solution

RS TechMedic turned to Sierra Wireless, the leading company for wireless M2M solutions in the healthcare sector. Sierra Wireless Q2687 wireless modules helped create the world’s first patient monitor with built-in cellular technology and provided RS TechMedic with the levels of reliability they required for Dyna-Vision™.

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