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PeplinkM2M IoT Case Studies

Public Transportation Connectivity

By 06/05/2022June 13th, 2022No Comments

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A busy public transportation rail corporation based in the Asia Pacific region wants to provide internet connectivity for commuters.

With the expansion of a new rail line, the transportation company is looking to provide internet connectivity for commuters, especially in rural locations where wired connectivity isn’t available. The company wants a solution that facilitates connectivity with increased band support and carrier aggregation while tracking and managing all devices in their trains and stations.

Peplink and the corporation deployed over a thousand MAX Transit Duos in every carriage to provide Wi-Fi access. At each station, they used CCTVs to return feedback to their control centre. Partnered with InControl, Peplink’s Cloud-based management system allows all devices to be managed remotely.

Commuters had access to a fast Wi-Fi network with a peak download speed of up to 170Mbps, which exceeded all expectations. This also provided a stable connection for the CCTVs to return feedback to their control centres. Implementing the InControl API into the corporation’s existing system giving access to features such as GPS tracking and Captive Portal support. These features allowed them to connect to an advertising server to improve their business further. This solution’s unmatched performance is thanks to the dual embedded LTE modems with redundant SIM slots, covering the entire journey and spectrum with various carriers.

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