Waspmote WiFi

Waspmote sensor device with Wifi interface adds an extra layer of intelligence to the nodes, allowing them to send the collected data to any web server located in the Cloud. The Wifi sensor nodes are also capable of sending data to any nearby iPhone or Android device by creating direct links with them.

The Wifi sensors can use the secure version of the standard web protocol -HTTPS, ensuring privacy of the information sent, a major concern when deploying wireless sensor networks in cities. They also can create TCP and UDP connections enabling developers design their own communication framework between the sensor nodes and the Cloud servers.

Key Features

  • TX Power: 0dBm – 12dBm (variable by software)
  • RX Sensitivity: -83dBm
  • Antenna: 2dBi/5dBi antenna options, connector: RPSMA
  • Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2

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