Sendum Package Tracker PT300D

Available on the Telstra network, the Sendum PT300D is a multi-sensor package tracker that provides shippers with real time visibility to the in-transit conditions of their package in a multimodal supply chain.  Featuring customisable triggers and alarms that can be preset before shipment or changed while in transit, the PT300D enables customers to take action before the goods are damaged or permanently lost.

The PT300D is designed to work in impaired environments using GPS , WiFi, and Cell based location to provide a best effort location.

Environmental inputs monitored by the PT300D include temperature, humidity, light (ambient & infrared), and tilt.  Monitor security conditions such as geo-fences and unauthorised entry with the PT300D or monitor key factors such as location, product tampering and handling.

The PT300D kit includes the PT300D command module, Advanced Sensor/Battery Pack and 1.5m USB cable.  Accessories for the PT300D include 5VDC1000USB switch mode power supply with single USB socket and Targus 7-port powered USB 2.0 hub.

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Key Features

  • World Wide Coverage (including USA)
  • Superior GPS capabilities in RF impaired environments
  • Highly customizable feature set
  • Long battery life
  • Slim design – 53mm x 125mm x 14 mm / 2.09” x 4.92” x 0.55”
  • FAA – Safe for aircraft
  • External probes – NIST traceable* (additonal charges app)
  • 8 integrated sensors

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