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Press Release: Introducing the Kerlink WIRNET IBTS

By 30/08/2017October 18th, 2021No Comments
Kerlink Wirnet IBTS
M2M Connectivity are excited to announce the Kerlink Wirnet iBTS, which has been created for Internet Of Things applications with various high capabilities (low power, long range, big internal data storage, 4G WAN communication).
Based on Semtech LoRa(TM) technology, it allows long-range bidirectional transmissions with very low power consumption levels.
Wirnet IBTS is designed for easy upgrades – RF modems can be added to extend base station capabilities. A WAN (4G) modem can also be added, and a satellite backhaul solution is available to improve data consumption over the network.
Contact us for more information on this product.
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