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Press Release: Maestro Wireless Solutions Launch E228 Router

By 22/06/2017June 17th, 2022No Comments

Maestro Wireless Solutions Launch E228 Router

Maestro are well-known in the M2M/IoT industry for offering highly versatile, reliable and rugged routers.
The new E228 Router is available in LTE Cat-4. It is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications, and has an automatic failover functionality that prevents loss of communication. As soon as cable connection is lost, the connection will automatically failover on the cellular network (max. download 150Mbps, Upload 50 Mbps).
Users can also integrate sensors and third-party devices over the RS-485 serial port, to provide seamless connectivity to IP networks.
Contact M2M Connectivity for more information on how we can support constant uptime for your business.

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