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M2M Connectivity LPWAN Road Show Recap – Melbourne

By 05/01/2018June 16th, 2022No Comments

Melbourne was the first stop on our LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) Road Show tour.
Held at the Swanston Grand Mercure, our participants enjoyed a valuable networking opportunity over tea and coffee before the presentations began.
Following a brief introduction from M2M Connectivity Director Daryl Chambers, Tyrone Van Schalkwyk and Vasan Srinivasan presented on Sierra Wireless’ LPWAN road map. The presentation included some background on Sierra Wireless and cellular LPWAN technology, before delving into the finer points of coverage, power consumption, and costs. Finally, the presentation highlighted available hardware, in the form of the HL and WP series modules.
The second presentation was delivered by Anat Efron of Thinxtra. Anat gave an overview of the company, and how the Sigfox network is supporting LPWAN devices and IoT applications, particularly those utilising small messages for data delivery. She spoke in greater detail on Sigfox network’s available range, costs and coverage, also highlighting the kinds of devices used to gather data and introducing IoT device management platforms.
The final presentation came from Joseph Goldburg of Microchip Technologies, who kicked off with a short history of wireless networks, before covering the LoRa Alliance, LoRaWAN ecosystem, and its offerings. Joseph then gave more detail on the kinds of applications that can benefit from low-power networks, the physical topology and protocols of the network, before moving on to discuss hardware.
We wrapped up the show with our door prize giveaway, and some further networking around the display tables, many of which were running live hardware demos. We can say we had a great time talking tech with all our guests, and a big thank you to our presenters, table exhibitors and attendees for making the first event such a success.

If you would like to download the presentations and view video content from the Sydney event, scroll to the bottom of our LPWAN page to register.

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