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M2M Connectivity launches the helical Maxtena M1516HCT quadrifilar antenna

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Melbourne, Australia – July 27, 2010:M2M Connectivity Pty.

Melbourne, Australia – July 27, 2010:M2M Connectivity Pty. Ltd, the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the Maxtena range of high quality antennas, today announced the addition of the new helical Maxtena M1516HCT GPS / GLONASS antenna to its product portfolio.

The M1516HCT quadrifilar antenna is a low profile professional-grade GNSS antenna covering the GPS L1, GLONASS L1 frequency band and uses Advanced Helicore™ Technology to achieve greater than +1.0 dBic performance in both GPS L1 and GLONASS bands for “dual-frequency” precision GPS / GLONASS applications.

Maxtena’s M1516HCT is the worlds’ first Helical GPS / GLONASS low profile precision antenna.  This passive antenna is designed for precision handhelds, industrial, agricultural, government and military applications and offers excellent gain performance, axial ratio, multipath rejection, and out-of-band signal rejection.

The M1516HCT features a housed weather proof single helical element; this antenna comes standard with a SMA or TNC connector option. With 48mm height and 18mm diameter, the M1516HCT is the smallest helical antenna solution on the market. “This configuration provides excellent Omni-directional coverage and axial ratio that is constant across the full frequency band” said Maxtena’s CTO Dr. Carlo DiNallo.   The axial ratio is typically 0.5 dB, upper-hemisphere efficiency >40%, enabling this small Precision GPS / GLONASS antenna to operate in the most extreme conditions.

The helical Maxtena M1516HCT quadrifilar antenna for GPS / GLONASS is available from M2M Connectivity.  For more information contact M2M Connectivity at:

Ph: +61-3-96963011

About M2M Connectivity Connectivity distributes a full range of leading wireless modules and modems for wireless machine-to-machine (‘M2M’) communications in Australia and New Zealand. Their portfolio covers modules and modems for cellular (3G/HSPA, GSM/GPRS, CDMA), satellite (Orbcomm, Globalstar Simplex, Iridium), and short range industrial RF (Bluetooth, WLAN, 802.15.4 Zigbee).

About Maxtena

Maxtena® ( is a research, development, and manufacturing company offering both standard and custom antenna products for a variety of applications with an emphasis on Mobile Satellite Services and high performance GPS antennas. Maxtena® offers Helicore® Technology, Precision GPS (L1/L2), and Smart-X™ phased-array antennas (12dBi performance with Omni-directional coverage) with 3-axis stabilization for global asset tracking. Maxtena® provides customer-tailored research for antenna element design, antenna array design, propagation effects, system design and engineering services.

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