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M2M Connectivity launches the helical Maxtena M1227HCT series multiband GPS Antenna for Precision GPS L1/L2 Bands

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Melbourne, Australia – February 25, 2010: M2M Connectivity Pty. Ltd, the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the Maxtena range of high quality antennas, today announced the addition of the new helical Maxtena M1227HCT series multiband GPS antenna to its product portfolio.
The Maxtena M1227HCT uses advanced Helicore® Technology to achieve an upper-hemisphere efficiency greater than 40% in both L1 and L2 GPS bands and typical axial ratio performance of 0.5dB over the entire upper hemisphere, The very small 30mm (base) x 50mm (height) size and lightweight features makes this precision GPS antenna perfect for airborne applications through to precision surveying equipment. Unlike traditional GPS patch antennas, the M1227HCT requires no ground plane to achieve its superior performance so limited space applications are not a problem.
Coupled with an integrated wideband LNA, the M1227HCT achieves +16dBic performance in both GPS L1 and L2 bands for high-precision dual frequency GPS applications. The Helicore® Technology enables this small GPS antenna to operate in the most extreme and demanding applications giving maximum satellite reception, ultra-low Dilution of Precision (DOP), and decimeter accuracy. The interface connector is available in SMA with a TNC option.
Maxtena CEO and President Dr. Licul states that Maxtena is “very excited about this new antenna product. It is the only antenna of its kind available on the market today. This antenna is very small in size, lightweight and high in performance which makes it a must have for military radios, manpacks and UAV applications.” Maxtena, Inc has introduced a cutting edge antenna design and continues to lead antenna innovation in the market.
Key Features
• Small size 30mm base x 50mm height
• L1 and L2 Bands
• Only Helical L1/L2 antenna of this size
• Non-ceramic – more immune to breakage
• SMA connection
The new helical Maxtena M1227HCT series L1 + L2 band GPS antenna is available from M2M Connectivity by May 2009. For more information please contact M2M Connectivity at:
Ph: +61-3-96963011

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