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M2M Connectivity introduces the TW3150 / TW3152 High Gain, High Rejection Timing Antennas from Tallysman™

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Melbourne, Australia –  October 13, 2015:  M2M Connectivity is pleased to introduce the Tallysman TW3150 / TW3152 Timing Antennas from Tallysman’s GNSS antenna range to Australia and New Zealand.  Tallysman, based in Canada, is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality GNSS antennas that are focussed on the requirements for precision and multi-constellational GNSS receivers.
The high gain, high rejection TW3150 / TW3152 antennas are specifically designed for timing applications in high density cell / telecommunications tower applications where high levels of near-out-of-band interfering signals can be expected.  The antennas feature a 50dB LNA gain to handle long cable runs often associated with installation on telecommunications towers.
Covering GPS L1 and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS) frequency band, the TW3150 / TW3152 Timing Antennas employ Tallysman’s unique Accutenna™ technology to provide excellent cross polarization rejection and greatly enhanced multipath rejection.
The TW3150 features a four (4) stage dual filtered LNA, while the TW3152 includes an additional SAW
pre-filter to provide exceptional rejection of close out-of-band signals and additional protection against saturation by high level sub-harmonic and L-Band signals.  This provides better than 80dB of signal rejection above 1610MHz and below 1545MHz.
The antennas have a permanent mount, IP67 and MIL-STD-801F Section 509.4 compliant housing with metal base and an extended temperature range plastic radome, and is specifically designed to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.
These antennas are REACH and ROHS compliant and there are two options for mounting L-bracket or a pipe mount available.
For more information about the Tallysman TW3150 / TW3152 GNSS Timing Antennas, contact M2M Connectivity at:
Ph: +61-3-96963011
About M2M Connectivity
M2M Connectivity is a specialist hardware distributor and provider of support services for the wireless M2M and IoT market in Australia and New Zealand. Our product portfolio of modules, modems and gateways/routers provide connectivity solutions for cellular (LTE, 3G/NextG, GSM) and Satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar Simplex, Orbcomm,) and short range RF.  We distribute the NVS GNSS/GPS receiver range for applications requiring higher accuracy positioning and the Tallysman distributorship enhances our focus on this growing GNSS market.
About Tallysman
Tallysman is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality products for a wide range of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) applications.  Tallysman’s mission is to provide GNSS antennas which meet the needs of a new generation of positioning systems providing unprecedented accuracy at ever decreasing prices.  Tallysman manufactures its products and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. (

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