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M2M Connectivity introduces new Smart Cities sensing solution from Libelium for precise urban monitoring

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Melbourne, Australia – June 3, 2015:  M2M Connectivity introduces Libelium‘s new Smart Cities sensing solution, the Smart Environment PRO Plug and Sense! Based on Waspmote Plug & Sense!sensor nodes, this solution integrates hardware and software design improvements developed in response to feedback from scores of Smart Cities projects over the last four years.
Designed to meet sophisticated demands of councils and municipalities, Libelium’s Plug & Sense! Smart Environment PROreduces installation, integration, and maintenance costs, and offers flexibility and scalability for Smart Cities applications. The platform includes a new array of sensors for advanced Smart Cities deployments, is compliant with international standards for sensor accuracy and offers
out-of-the-box integration with existing Cloud solutions.
The two key features of the Smart Environment PRO are the inclusion of the calibrated Gases PRO Sensor Board (with a wider range of gas sensors available and highly increased accuracy) and the particle matter sensor—commonly known as dust sensor.
Also available in Waspmote OEM for developers, the calibrated Gases PRO Sensor Board has been designed to monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, particle matter in the air (dust) and 16 different types of gases. It allows the inclusion of 6 AFE (Analog Front End) modules at the same time.
The new particle matter sensor uses light scattering theory and particle counting technology and can accurately detect the number of particles in its surroundings to provide useful reference data for environmental improvement. With the new dust sensor we can obtain information about particle size and density ranging from 1um to 10um (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10).
For more information about Libelium network sensors, please contact M2M Connectivity:
Ph: +61 3 9696 3011
About M2M Connectivity
M2M Connectivity is a specialist distributor of leading wireless modules and modems for M2M and IoT communications in Australia and New Zealand. M2M Connectivity is the exclusive distributor of Libelium network sensors for the Internet of Things in Australia and New Zealand. Our product portfolio also includes modules, modems and gateways/routers providing connectivity solutions for cellular (LTE, 3G/NextG, GSM) and Satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar Simplex, Orbcomm,) and GNSS/GPS services. We offer products for industrial short range RF including Bluetooth, WLAN, ZigBee, TinyMesh, and M-Bus and provide our customers with engineering accelerate development and manage M2M and IoT applications.
About Libelium
Libelium is a wireless sensor network platform provider that delivers, open-source, low-power consumption devices that are easy to program and implement for Smart Cities solutions and a wide range of M2M and sensor projects.  All of Libelium’s products are modular, horizontal and easy to integrate into third-party systems. Because of its innovative hardware integration design and horizontal approach, Libelium’s Waspmote—the company’s open-source wireless sensor platform—has the potential to be the standard, universal platform for the Internet of Things.

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