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Spark's IoT Network Coverage 60% of New Zealand

By 12/04/2018August 5th, 2022No Comments
Spark New Zealand have announced that their LoRa Network has 60% coverage of rural and urban areas, with a further increase of 70% set for July this year.
The network – which is ideal for IoT (Internet of Things) applications such as parking management, water monitoring and public lighting – will be available for commercial use across the country.
This will enable private enterprise and local councils to gather data that can be used to improve workflow efficiency, save energy and water, measure air and soil quality, among many other applications.
NB Smartcities NZ Director Claus Oustrup said: “For many councils, having real-time data, asset information and being in control of these devices can increase customer service response times and create real benefits for communities”.
“For example, street lighting can account for as many as 50% of call centre complaints. By having adaptable street lighting managed with real-time systems, these complaints can be quickly addressed, and their volume decreased.”
Spark General Manager IoT Solutions Michael Stribling said “Our IoT capability is really gathering pace, and now we’ve got this critical mass of coverage we’re able to make the network commercially available. This is a real milestone for Spark as we help New Zealand organisations win big in IoT”.
He added that Spark had worked with the International LoRa Alliance to agree on Asia–Pacific standards, designed to ensure that products developed on LoRaWAN in New Zealand will work consistently on LoRaWAN networks in other countries.
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