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M2M Connectivity announces new connectBlue Rugged Ethernet Port Adapters for Wireless LAN

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Melbourne, Australia – April 27, 2010: M2M Connectivity Pty.

Melbourne, Australia – April 27, 2010: M2M Connectivity Pty. Ltd., Australian and New Zealand distributor of connectBlue products announces the launch of the new connectBlue Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapter Series.

Based either on Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11an or IEEE 802.11bgn, the new Rugged Ethernet Port Adapters from connectBlue are well suited to industrial applications and provide wireless connection in place of an Ethernet cable. The innovative products optimize the installation process as well as lower the installation costs in demanding applications.

The connectBlue Rugged Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapter – RWE231i (2.4GHz) and Rugged Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapter – RWE241i (5GHz) are perfect solutions in situations where it is expensive or complicated to install a cable with a maintenance-free wireless connection, or to connect to an existing Wireless LAN infrastructure.

“Both products have applied the IEEE 802.11n flavour which is the standard that enables higher transmission speeds and increased band widths,” said Rolf Nilsson, CEO of connectBlue. “Further, with the 5GHz version the customer can choose between several non-overlapping channels which is a very rare feature. Both our new products are particularly useful when our customers want to connect to an existing 802.11n infrastructure without forcing the access point to use the lower performing 802.11bg compatibility mode.”

The Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapters are part of the connectBlue product range of ready-to-use wireless devices. Also called “Intelligent Antennas™” due to the ease of use and cost efficiency of the installation and configuration, the built-in antennas feature a unique half globe radio coverage pattern.

In addition to the simple push of a button when configuring with the SMART configuration mode to initiate automatic configuration, there is a web browser configuration tool.

For more information please contact M2M Connectivity at:
Ph: +61-3-96963011

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