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M2M Connectivity announces new connectBlue Development Kits for Wireless LAN Solutions

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Melbourne, Australia – February 25, 2010: M2M Connectivity, the Australian and New Zealand distributor of connectBlue products launches ten Wireless LAN Development Kits designed to evaluate the connectBlue third generation Wireless LAN modules OWL221a and OWL222a. The easy-to-use kits offer complete system functionality with an out-of-the-box testing capability designed to accelerate the customers’ product design, development and delivery.
The connectBlue flexible Wireless LAN Development Kis cover a wide variety of customer development needs. The developer can choose a complete out-of-the box testing system or choose a software kit for integration into one’s own existing system for evaluation.
The complete kits contain both hardware and software. The software development kits can easily be downloaded via FTP server technology.
The connectBlue Wireless LAN modules included in the complete kits are compliant with IEEE 802.11a/b/g and single stream 802.11n, utilizes internal antenna or external antenna, 3.3 – 5.5 VDC, SPI or SDIO interface and are fully radio type approved (FCC, IC and R&TTE). Additional features include dual-band operation (2.4GHz and 5GHz), minimal host processor load, integrated controller & SRAM/ROM, advanced power save features and compatibility with the connectBlue Bluetooth and ZigBee / IEE 802.15.4 module standard.
“Thanks to the wide assortment of Wireless LAN Development Kits, the customer can get started immediately and select a solution that fits their needs perfectly,” said Rolf Nilsson, President of connectBlue. “And as a result, the bouquet of Wireless LAN Development Kits will allow our industrial customers to design advanced products with a reduced development time and cost.”
The connectBlue Wireless LAN Development Kit collection:
OWL222a (SDIO) WinCE (ARM) Evaluation kit
OWL222a (SDIO) WinCE (ARM) binary driver
OWL221a/OWL222a Support package for binary code
OWL221a (SPI) and cB-OWL222a (SDIO) WinCE Evaluation system
OWL221a (SPI) Linux Evaluation system
OWL221a (SPI) Embedded Driver Evaluation System
OWL221a (SPI) and OWL222a (SDIO) WinCE driver source code
OWL221a (SPI) and OWL222a (SDIO) Linux driver source code
OWL221a (SPI) Embedded Driver source code
OWL221a and OWL222a Support package extension for driver source code and driver updates
The new connectBlue Wireless LAN Development Kits are available from M2M Connectivity. For more information please contact M2M Connectivity at:
Ph: +61-3-96963011

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