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M2M Connectivity announces launch of the new Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ embedded module product family

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Melbourne, February 24th 2010 : M2M Connectivity announces the launch of Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ Intelligent Embedded Modules, a new brand to cover the Sierra Wireless and former Wavecom embedded module product families.
The Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ Intelligent Embedded Module product family brings together all of the Sierra Wireless and former Wavecom embedded modules into the industry’s broadest portfolio of products meeting OEMs, system integrators and network operators needs for cellular wireless connectivity. All products are available now from M2M Connectivity.
The AirPrime™ family of embedded wireless modules is available in many form factors include BGA, PCI Express Mini Card, castellation, and board-to-board connectors. Feature sets range from modem-only functionality to fully programmable application hosting capabilities. Air interfaces include 3G/NextG, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, and CDMA.
The AirPrime™ module family has been designed to meet the unique requirements of the M2M market including segments such as automotive, transportation, energy, industrial, security, sales & payment, field service & logistics, and healthcare. The Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ miniPCIe modules offer early access to the latest air interfaces for developers and customers needing to access the latest network features and speeds. For M2M applications with life cycles of 5 to 15 years or more, AirPrime™ products provide stable form factors, easy upgrade paths, and the ability to remotely upgrade software of devices in the field.
The Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ family includes:
Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ MC Series Designed for Mobile Computing, Networking devices, and 3G M2M applications the AirPrime™ MC Series modules are based on the PCI Express Mini Card standard with a USB 2.0 interface as well as full serial interface, embedded GPS, voice support, TCP/IP, PAD… There are modules to work with 3G/HSPA and HSPA+ and CDMA EV-DO Rev A networks.
– Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ Q Series (the former Wavecom Q2686/Q2687/Q26Extreme) Designed for rapid mounting thanks to its industrial grade board-to-board connector, the AirPrime™ Q Series brings scalability, allowing manufacturers to make a single product design that can communicate on any cellular protocol, anywhere in the world. The AirPrime™ Q Series includes footprint compatible 3G/HSPA, GPRS, EDGE, and CDMA 1xRTT versions in order to streamline product development.
Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ WS Series With a highly compact form factor, the AirPrime™ WS Series allows manufacturers to add GSM/GPRS voice and data connectivity to any of their products. The AirPrime WS™ Series devices come in a sleek castellation package for easy product integration.
Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ WMP Series The WMP Series combines embedded processor capability and wireless connectivity in a single device to reduce total system cost and size as well as to improve time to market and performance. AirPrime™ WMP Series products are certified processing and radio solutions in a BGA package, designed for GSM/GPRS cellular communication in industrial or automotive environments.
In addition, Sierra Wireless offers developers a solution for the challenges they face with SIM cards. Industrial M2M devices may need to stay online for 5-10 years and must also be designed to industrial grade to meet extreme environmental conditions to which standard SIM cards are not designed. The Sierra Wireless Embedded SIM is an award-winning, fully industrialized and personalized SIM solution that removes the plastic packaging from a conventional SIM card, integrating the SIM function into the module itself at a component level. Embedded SIM is available on AirPrime™ Q Series (3GPP versions) and WMP Series modules.
M2M Connectivity, as Sierra Wireless’s specialist module distributor in Australia and New Zealand, supplies the complete range of these products covering 3G/NextG/HSPA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and CDMA modules. We can also advise on the embedded SIM application as well as AirVantage services including remote monitoring and software upgrades of M2M devices in the field.
Sierra Wireless AirPrime™ embedded modules are available from M2M Connectivity.
For more information contact M2M Connectivity at:
Ph: +61-3-96963011

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