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ITAS Iridium Transceiver Antenna System

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The Hirschmann ITAS | Quake QPuck Iridium Transceiver Antenna System (Quake Q-Puck) has been developed by Hirschmann Car Communication with Quake Communications, providing a smart Iridium module embedded with an Iridium antenna in a single package with serial/power cable to connect to your application.
The ITAS is an efficient, out-of-the-box global satellite solution, allowing customers to easily connect to Iridium’s Satellite Network with an existing cellular tracking product. The Hirschmann ITAS is fully Iridium qualified and designed to operate through harsh environments.
By combining Hirschmann Car Communications proficiency in antenna technology with Quake Global’s expertise in satellite modem technology the two parties have delivered a cost effective, compact solution for today’s M2M market.
The ITAS’ simple installation and integration enables you to utilise your information quicker and is optimal for any developer who is facing an accelerated time-to-market requirement. This functionality not only significantly reduces development time and costs, but is also ideal for use in applications for the rapidly growing M2M market, including remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions.
The modem comes in two variants, a screw mount model with 25cm pig-tail cable (extension cables available from M2M) and a magnetic mount modem with cable length included.

Key Features

  • Simple integration with existing cellular tracking solutions
  • Low cost way to add satellite connectivity to cellular solution
  • Power conditioning for the range of 8-32VDC
  • Screw mount version with pigtail cable (extension cables available)
  • Mag-mount modem with cable included
  • 25cm pigtail cable terminates to M12 male connector. Suitable extension cables available


Product Order Number:

HIRD-MX-0128x-01 | HIRD-SX-0129X-01

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