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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Emergency Services Case Study / Case Study – Emergency Phone Systems for Business
Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Emergency Services Case Study / Case Study – Emergency Phone Systems for Business

Case Study




Branch Connectivity

Background M2M Connectivity were quick to recognise a major issue with emergency phones working in the NBN environment – if there is a power outage the NBN may not work, causing phone services to become disabled. For many modern businesses and services providers who require a phone to be operational at all times, any disruption of this vital service could greatly affect revenue. The Problem  A major Australian retailer was concerned that if an NBN outage was to occur, their store locations may not be able to communicate back and forth with HQ in the event of an emergency. The retailer requested a back-up cellular system which would operate independently of other communications systems. In addition, they required a cellular connectivity solution for the building elevators and elevator phones, as NBN was not deemed suitable for such communications.   The Solution M2M Connectivity‘s partner, Sec-Eng, developed a cellular-based emergency phone, which included monitoring and reporting to their Pegasus high-end security platform hosted on Amazon Web Services. M2M Connectivity and Telstra recommended this Sec-Eng SED64M cellular system and the customer accepted this solution to the two use cases providing:
  • Monitored voice connection over cellular
  • Escalated alarm procedures from Pegasus
  • Easy control and set up of devices by the retailer
  The Result The system, once installed, provides a fully-monitored and managed emergency phone system. The Pegasus platform is designed to poll the SED64M device every 60 seconds to check the system is live. If there is no communication link, this is reported to the retailer using their escalation process. If other issues are detected (e.g. power fail, BBU fail, inputs triggered) then these are escalated within 1 hour. The customer also receives a daily status summary with a basic report of how many assets are online, offline or in alarm. Calls can be auto-connected to a control centre, or used to dial any number. It offers enhanced reliability compared to the existing PSTN solution, and at a price that matches or is lower than the PSTN option that is phasing out.  

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