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CardioScan is a Melbourne-based cardiology data collection, reporting and analysis company (

They work largely with private hospitals, pathology clinics and cardiology groups, and within Australia report on more than 500,000 cardiac tests each year.

The Problem 
CardioScan is always looking for ways to enhance the security and reliability of transferring medical data.

The Solution
M2M Connectivity worked with our sister company M2M One to offer a full-service solution, incorporating;

  • A private SIM card pool with only VPN access to ensure data security
  • Hardware provided was the Robustel R2000 3G Router. It was imperative that the hardware met Australian standards, and was able to work in a clinical setting, without interfering with existing medical equipment
  • Configuration services – the Robustel routers had to be configured correctly to ensure reliable data transfer, which would improve efficiency for the end user by eliminating connection wait time, repeated uploads, device restarts, etc.

The Result
Not only has CardioScan enhanced the reliability in their data transfer, but the solution has helped to improve the Australian healthcare system in every participating clinic by allowing remote patient monitoring and assessment to take place without the presence of an expert Cardiologist.

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