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PeplinkM2M IoT Case Studies

Introducing Multi-WAN Solutions into Business Offerings

By 06/05/2022June 13th, 2022No Comments

Case Study



Website Industry


An Internet Service Provider offering home, business, and event internet look to partner with Peplink to supply High Availability private networks.

The ISP wants to offer home and business clients private networks capable of utilizing different WAN options. Having used Peplink’s MAX BR1 before, they sought a more capable device to handle increased usage. They also need solid and reliable devices for High Availability SDN implementations to fit multi-modem solutions for their generalized deployments.

Upgrading from their previous MAX BR1, a Balance 20X was deployed for its multiple LAN ports for connecting devices and its support for dual-band Wi-Fi. The built-in FlexModule Mini allows for upgrades when needing to expand to a second LTE connection. A MAX Transit Duo was also used to make use of its Bandwidth Bonding capabilities. The FusionHub and SpeedFusion Cloud were also used to provide flexibility in choosing multiple endpoints catered to clients.

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