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Maestro Heritage Analog Input | Pulse Counting Gateway HB70

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The Maestro HB70 Analog input/pulse counting gateway is designed for industrial monitoring/control applications.
With intelligent M2M Gateway embedded firmware, 4 pulse counters, 4 digital outputs and 4 analog inputs ports, the Maestro Heritage Analog Input/Pulse Counting Gateway integrates easily with existing industrial devices and and back-end servers to provide analog-to-wireless solutions without requiring costly and time-consuming changes to a customer’s existing operation.
In demanding M2M environments, data such as flow, level, speed, pressure or temperature needs to be pro-actively monitored and controlled for complex industrial processes.

Key Features

  • 4 Analog Inputs – Differential, 16 bits ADC resolution
  • 4 Digital Inputs – Use as a 16 bits pulse counter, Voltage and dry contact triggering with more than 500 pulses per second, Standard input
  • 4 Digital Outputs – Open collector, Drive relay, Trigger alarm
  • Heritage Softool – provides an easy to use interface for setting-up your Maestro Gateway


Product Order Number:

Maestro HB70

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