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Heralding the next generation of satellite modem technology, the Q4000 Orbcomm dual-mode modem from Quake Global is now available from M2M Connectivity

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Melbourne, Australia: October 27, 2010 – M2M Connectivity announces the availability of the Q4000 Orbcomm dual-mode modem from Quake Global,<!–

Melbourne, Australia: October 27, 2010 – M2M Connectivity announces the availability of the Q4000 Orbcomm dual-mode modem from Quake Global,a leading manufacturer of machine-to-machine (M2M) communicators for remote asset tracking, monitoring and control over multiple satellite and terrestrial networks.  The Q4000 Orbcomm + Cellular + GPS modem is a small, low profile, flexible and user friendly Orbcomm satellite modem integrated with a 50-channel GPS receiver and on-board microprocessor and memory. Other features include CAN bus, memory, antenna detection, multiple analog and digital inputs/outputs and relays.

The Q4000 Orbcomm dual-mode modem operates seamlessly over cellular and Orbcomm satellite. Designed for fixed and mobile applications, the Q4000 is a flexible solution that provides cost-effective global M2M communications with land, marine or aviation based assets and equipment such as heavy machinery, trucks, ships and containers.  The Q4000 is also ideally suited for predictive maintenance, hours of service and DOT compliance.  Isolated power substations and remote metering facilities can also be more effectively monitored and managed.

The Q4000 turn-key application allows customer with simple tracking or monitoring requirements to build a dual-mode  application.  There is also a Application Programming Interface (API) which supports QUAKE Messaging Manager™ (QMM™).  QMM is a programming interface that enables programmers to develop their custom applications only once.  Those applications in turn function seamlessly regardless of the desired network or protocol, without the need for additional programming.  Network selection is dynamic and user defined.  From the customer’s viewpoint, the footprint, processing and interconnections remain constant, while the network is selected based on user-defined circumstances such as signal strength, cost, latency, geo-location, etc.

“Our customers have asked for a single modem that can utilize the most economically appropriate communication signal to meet the needs of their customer’s varied usage patterns,” said Sergio Ramos, QUAKE CTO.  “The Q4000 provides that.  It performs reliably in remote and severe environments, is user programmable, allowing a custom application reflecting each customer’s needs, can switch between cell and satellite for the most cost-effective airtime usage and is the most economical multi-satellite solution on the market, bar none.”

For information on the Q4000 from Quake Global please contact M2M Connectivity at:

Ph: +61-3-96963011

About M2M Connectivity
M2M Connectivity distributes a full range of leading wireless modules and modems for wireless machine-to-machine (‘M2M’) communications in Australia and New Zealand. Their portfolio covers modules and modems for cellular (3G / HSPA, GSM / GPRS, CDMA), satellite (Orbcomm, Globalstar Simplex, Iridium), and short range industrial RF (Bluetooth, WLAN, 802.15.4/Zigbee).

QUAKE ( and manufactures industrial M2M modems and controllers for advanced asset monitoring, data acquisition, and machine, process and motion control through satellite, cellular, GPS and other emerging technologies.  QUAKE is the only manufacturer of network agnostic modems.  From its San Diego headquarters and through a network of international distributors, QUAKE products serve companies in the heavy equipment, aviation, maritime and trucking industries, as well as in utility, oil & gas and rail applications.  QUAKE is proud of its world-wide reputation for providingreliable, rugged, high-quality communicators

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