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Extending wireless coverage beyond cellular, using satellite communications in the mining and utilities industries

By 11/11/2013December 22nd, 2021One Comment

For companies with operations beyond cellular coverage the only option is satellite.  Industries with operations in remote locations or covering wide service areas (e.g. mining, utilities, environmental) will benefit from the addition of satellite to existing cellular (3G or WiFi) communications to provide wider area coverage.  Dual-mode communications significantly improves operational efficiency with low outlay for the addition of satellite coverage.
Improved M2M communications in remote locations better supports the monitoring, control and management of thousands of assets and millions of dollars worth of equipment.  Dual-mode communications can provide a continuous connection to assets, with automatic switch over to satellite connectivity if an asset moves out of cellular range.   Constant, real-time information of assets enables prompt action if control/repair of the asset is required.
Utilities can benefit from the use of dual-mode satellite + cellular communications to extend communications at the very edge of their service territories.  This wide area, secure and reliable communication can support metering infrastructure, distribution automation, substation connectivity and workforce mobility and safety.
Worker safety will continue to be a primary concern for industries with staff operating in remote locations and we see an increasing use of M2M communications to provide critical OH&S support. Adding a satellite connection to 3G or WiFi communications systems can provide a back-up communications link to relay crucial alerts and alarms from employees out of cellular range needing immediate emergency response.
Adding satellite to existing M2M systems is cost effective with new hardware offerings that can connect into existing vehicle tracking systems.  Adding satellite offers many benefits in terms of better managing assets and service areas and enhanced security of staff.  Mining and utility companies strive for better management of their sites in real-time, to enable faster decision making, increased efficiencies, reduced costs and improved OH&S procedures.  Extending wireless coverage beyond cellular with satellite communications contributes to the optimal operational efficiencies of industries with interests spread across isolated areas where communications infrastructure is unreliable or non-existent.
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