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Smart Agriculture

Case Study 3 (EGIS) – Multiple Commercial Farms, Each with Location-Based Staff

Case Study





The Problem
The client has a number of commercial duck farms, each managed by location-based staff. In 2015, a staff member fell off a tractor and was injured. As their co-workers were unaware this incident had occurred, the employee did not receive help until several hours later.

The Solution
The client required the following:

  • Location of the user upon an alarm activation or simple button press
  • The ability for the device to self-activate in the above situation
  • Open 2-way voice communications to the device in the event of an alarm

In this case, a cloud server was not a viable option due to the budget, and the small quantity of EGIS units required. However, as the EGIS Units were located at fixed sites, a low-cost monitoring option was developed for this client.

The Result
Project Roll Out
The project required a total of 22 EGIS units, which were linked back to a Micro Server Platform on the customers site via 3G mobile. The platform was designed to receive alarms from any staff member’s EGIS, and then relay the alarm (via contact ID) to a standard security control room for action.

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