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Eco-Runner Team Delft competes in Shell Eco-Marathon

By 06/05/2022June 19th, 2022No Comments

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Eco-Runner Team Delft designs and builds a car every year to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon. The vehicle that completes the track the fastest while consuming the least amount of fuel takes home the trophy.

Team Delft’s vehicle needs to enable real-time streaming of diagnostic information to help provide tactical guidelines during the competition. Another challenge is working on an unstable and congested Wi-Fi connection with over 200 students at the competition.

The team took KommaGo’s advice and used two Pepwave MAX BR1 Minis to provide a stable Wi-Fi connection. One was placed in the vehicle and the other at the competition site. The one at the competition site provided a separate signal that made the stability of the Pepwave router valuable.

“We are delighted with the solution Peplink offered us. It proved to be easy, reliable, and timesaving. We’ll most definitely continue using this setup!”

Team Delft was able to use more features for their vehicle. They reduced their development time using the built-in GPS and fleet tracking software, which gave the strategy team a visual representation of the car’s location.

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