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Smart Water

Farmote is a breakthrough pasture optimization system that combines satellite-based multispectral technology with real-time data from ground Motes. Farmote fused AI engine takes the guesswork out of pasture and grazing management. The devices connect through a pervasive ultra-low-power LoRaWAN® network, powered by Actility’s ThingPark™ industrial LPWAN platform.

Grazing rotation, Fertilizing & Watering: farmers’ daily decisions directly impact yield

Pasture quality and quantity varies by the day according to weather conditions, location, and past use for grazing. As a result, it is difficult for farmers to optimize the location of cattle every day, although this is a key decision which directly influences yield and profitability. This problem is particularly complex in New Zealand where farms can extend over 300 square miles, and optimization of productivity per unit of surface has been a priority topic for agriculture research.

Farmote Systems, a Smart Agriculture company based in New Zealand with ongoing deployments in many regions of the world (New Zealand, Australia and Europe), has allowed farmers to solve this problem by monitoring the amount of existing pasture on their farms and optimizing grazing management to maximize the profitability of the input invested in their farms.

This is all possible through Motes. These IoT devices embed laser sensors that evaluate the quantity and moisture of pasture daily. This is achieved by processing raw laser data through AI algorithms to derive pasture quality metrics which are directly usable by farmers.

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