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Case Study





Farmtell, a provider of smart agriculture tools, wanted to create a smart hay baling solution. The result was the Hay Mate unit, a kit and accompanying app designed to alert farmers of the peak time at which to begin the hay baling process.

The Problem
Previously, knowing exactly when to bale hay was a process of waiting, measuring, and – as hay baling is done at night – potentially losing sleep. Hay Mate simplifies the process, by reporting field data to the app. The farmer is alerted when the right conditions (temperature, humidity and leaf wetness) are met.

The Solution
M2M Connectivity provided Farmtell with the hardware – Libelium Smart Agriculture Pro Plug and Sense and sensors – as well as programming services for the units. They were designed to log data and report to the LiveSense platform. M2M Connectivity’s sister company, M2M One, supplied the SIM Cards and network air time, which enables the transfer of data from the field to the app.
Farmtell and their customers have received benefits such as; cost savings resulting from increased efficiency, a greater output of bales, improved quality of the hay being baled, and the peace of mind that comes with a good night’s sleep. It is a simple solution that demonstrates the power of smart agriculture.

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