Vertical IIoT and Advanced Remote Monitoring Solutions

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About Strega

Strega Technologies began operations in 2011 and their team are experienced in Automation, SCADA and communications.

They are Remote Monitoring experts, creating solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A particular focus today is on the smart control of valves used in irrigation and flow control.

Using their in-depth knowledge in this area, Strega have built a solution integrating LoRaWAN technology into smart valves to provide wireless remote control and management of the valves. Strega’s solution is a smarter way to control the valves thanks to their Scheduler, allowing the solution to overcome the issues of LoRaWAN being a best efforts network for data (i.e. some data packet loss).


Much is written about consumer IoT, but the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is different and that is where STREGA is active. STREGA has been created in 2011 by a team of IT and industrial communication specialists, having a long time expertise in the European and Middle East market.   With more than 25 years of experience in the Automation, SCADA and communication business, the STREGA team is active concurrently in France and Middle East by having a structure located in both Paris and Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE.

Case Study – Landscape Irrigation


Construction sites, median strips, roundabouts, rural properties, municipal parks – all of these places lack standard electric power.


Construction sites, median strips, roundabouts, rural properties, municipal parks – all of these places lack standard electric power.


But with the STREGA Time-Controlled Wireless Emitter for Irrigation Valve, we make it possible for Municipalities in charge of landscape management to enjoy the benefits of advanced irrigation.

LoRa communication range tests performed within suburban area in the United Arab Emirate


Battery life is guaranteed over 7+years, making replacement a simple task. In addition, the operator can communicate with the valve from kilometres away, even in urban areas. Users get real-time valve Open/Close control and feedback directly from each zone.

There are no extra satellite irrigation controllers required to use the STREGA LoRaWAN time-controlled transceiver – normally these controllers are very accessible, and become easy targets for vandals or thieves. With all the installed components hidden safely underground and out of view, the smart emitter system is truly vandal-resistant, ensuring you can continue to securely manage your land.

The STREGA weatherproof devices (IP68) can easily be buried below surface-level into a valve box. Each smart-emitter has its own identification number that is logged at the central control centre, or to your smartphone. No wires also mitigates the indirect lightning effect, meaning the use of lightning arrestors is simply not necessary.

Future expansion has never been so easy – just install the valve into the irrigation box, and you are ready to go. Anywhere.

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