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A Guide to Wireless M-Bus

By 06/11/2017June 19th, 2022No Comments
Radiocrafts recently published a guide on “When to Use Wireless M-Bus and When Not to Use Wireless M-Bus”.
What follows is an overview of the key points from the guide:

  • Wireless M-Bus (wMBus) was first designed to meet the requirements for the automatic reading of water and gas meters, which require only a low data rate.
  • wMBus requirements have expanded, as more and more industrial and commercial enterprises engage IoT applications utilising long battery life, long wireless range, and low-cost RF modules.
  • It is most beneficial for difficult-to-access or remote locations, for which a wired solution could be extremely costly.
  • Wireless M-Bus has impressive RF range, even over radio-challenged environments.
  • Wireless M-Bus is not appropriate when pre-existing electricity and data lines run to sensor locations, or when high data rates are required, e.g., for video streaming. (WiFi or Bluetooth may be the more appropriate choice.)

For the full article, visit:

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