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Sierra Wireless 3G Watcher


Sierra Wireless 3G Watcher Connection Management Software is now available for Windows 7® and works simultaneously with Windows 7 Mobile Broadband. This unique capability allows operators to offer AirCard Watcher connection manager and Windows 7 Mobile Broadband, so end users can choose which connection manager to use, and operator support can leverage the additional capabilities of Watcher to deliver the best user experience. The Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher is bundled with every Sierra Wireless branded modem and downloadable from the Sierra Wireless Support section.

The Sierra Wireless Watcher is compatible with all AirPrime™ MC Series embedded modules.

Key Features
  • Simple and highly intuitive user interface
  • Improved Dashboard to better communicate network connection status in full or minimized views
  • Quick Launch Buttons to enable quick access to popular features such as SMS and GPS
  • New 2G/3G indicator to communicate current network coverage
  • Improves browsing performance by up to 50% with Internet Explorer. Watcher optimizes Internet Explorer to better manage Wireless WAN latency
  • Pinpoint your location with the GPS Monitor
  • Send and receive Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages
  • Recognize contacts and track communications with the Address Book and Call History features


Operating Systems

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Mac OS x

Carrier Approvals


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